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Advanced Class 2013 Zoom Gathering

Sunday, March 28,  5 PM, PST








Featured Item 特色項目

Introducing - Shared Stories

新活動介紹 - 故事和心得分享

Our alumni members have many touching stories. Those stories are qigong exercise experiences or qigong healing experiences. Many stories have been posted to be shared. If you are interested in reading or submitting a shared story, login first to check it out. Click on the Shared Stories link to see the list of stories.

MZI 的學員都有許多動人的故事和心得。這些故事和心得,是學員的學習心得,或是學員用氣功助人的經驗。現在這些心得和故事,已經由學員上傳來分享。你可以藉由加入會員,瀏覽這些故事和心得,或經由大師許可,上傳你的心得和故事來分享給其他學員。

Outdoor Practice 戶外氣功練習

Don't miss the outdoor Qi Gong tsai qi exercise. It is a popular activity for our alumni members. This is a great opportunity to receive instructions from Master Zhao as well as exchange Qi Gong experiences with our alumni members. You can find out the schedule of our next Outdoor Practice from our Events link!