You are cordially invited to join us for

Master Zhao's 80th Birthday

Saturday July 6th, 2019  

Cocktail Reception at 5:00 pm

Dinner at 7:00 pm

1/F, San Francisco City Hall

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102

About Our Celebration

Time to Honor and Celebrate


    2019 is a very special year, it marks not only the 80th birthday of Master Zhao Xue-Zhong, but also the milestone of his 30th year in Informatics Qigong® healing and teaching in the United States and abroad.  

    In the early 1980’s, Master Zhao developed his unique ability and power after practicing traditional Chinese Qigong. Since then, he has dedicated himself to cultivating his energy healing practice (Informatics Qigong®) acround the world. Master Zhao with his beloved wife Sharon, formed the Master Zhao Institute, Inc. (MZI) in Fremont, California, where tens of thousands of people have been healed of their illness. During this, Master Zhao continued to refine his healing method, from Informatics Qigong® Theory to Human Informatics® Theory.

    Every year, he conducts workshops from introductory to various advanced levels for hundreds of students from all over the world. With great devotion and selfless love, he passes his unique healing method and practices down to his students. Through painstaking effort, Informatics Qigong® has now become the third pedestal of modern medicine, alongside Chinese and Western medicine. His contributions are truly remarkable!

    Friends and students of Master Zhao from around the world are cordially invited to join us and celebrate this special day together. It will be a joyful evening of celebration and an opportunity to express our gratitude to Master Zhao.


    大師自上世紀八〇年代練成特異氣功後,一直在世界各地「一步一腳印」努力耕耘,並與夫人携手同心在加州佛立蒙開設MZI 學院診所,合力救傷扶危助弱,治療病人數以萬計。同時,他仍孜孜不倦地完善自創的氣功理論,由「信息論」到「生命信息能量學說 」。




An Event to Remember


Event Details

Cost: $238 per person

Cocktail Reception at Rotunda - 5:00pm  

  • Mingle with Master Zhao, Mrs. Sharon Zhao and the MZI community
  • Live Music and Entertainment

Rotunda -  6:30pm

  • Group Photo Session with Master Zhao & Sharon

Dinner Venue at North Light Court -  7:00pm to 10:30pm

  • Seated Dinner
  • Full Entertainment – Musical, Dance and Martial Arts performances

Directions and Parking

Special Notes: 

  • Formal attire required
  • Must be 14 years or older to attend
  • Please arrive early for security checks  at the entrance
  • All Ticket Sales are Final. No Refund, and Not Transferrable



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MZI 80/30 Celebration Planning Committee


Master Zhao's students formed the planning committee to celebrate Master Zhao's 80th birthday and 30 years residing in the United States.



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